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Fillmore Country Club is an Independent and Assisted Living Facility located in the beautiful city of Fillmore. We have a total of 44 Apartments. We believe in providing a comfortable home-like environment with 24 hour care. Please call us to schedule a tour.
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I love living here. Everyone is so helpful. It's not like other homes. I know. I've been here more than 10 years.
Millie Kirby, Resident for more than 10 years
Millie Kirby, Resident for more than 10 years
I like Fillmore Country Club. Everyone is very congenial and happy. I'm happy here. They're very helpful with everything that you might need; information and help. I highly recommended Fillmore Country Club.
Maxine Roelofs, Resident
Maxine Roelofs, Resident
Filllmore Country Club is a godsent. A nice place. Everybody's nice... Unless they close this place, I will be here. This is my home now. You always have someone here and everyone's very nice.
Betty McCall, Resident
Betty McCall, Resident

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